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2016 Resolutions: Month of Balance

Lifestyle | January 18, 2016 | By

I am a cliché. I make new year’s resolutions every year. And almost every year I fail to keep them. Just like every year I say I’ll write for this blog on a regular basis…and every year I don’t. Because I am the worst.

But at least I’ve got goals. That counts for something, right?

We’ll say it does.

Anyway, this year I made a few whole-year resolutions:

  • Read 12 books.
  • Run 3 distance races. (13.1 or more)
  • Swear less. I am a mother now, after all.

In addition, I’m setting mini monthly goals as well as a word to keep in mind and embody each month. Does it sound like I’m an overachiever?

I’m not.

Actually, I’m pretty lazy, which is why my resolutions never pan out. Maybe I should make a goal to be less lazy? Until then, setting mini goals keeps me from being overwhelmed and keeps me more focused because they are more attainable.

January’s goals are:

  • Start working out. I should get cleared at my 6-week post-partum on Wednesday!
  • Increase my protein intake. My hair has been falling out a lot the past few months and distressingly so the last few weeks. I’m hoping that an increase in protein will help strengthen it. (This is also a stepping stone on the path to cleaner eating.)

And my word of the month is:



Not necessarily physical balance from yoga, although that would be nice. But I’m talking about life balance. Being a mom is HARD. Trying to be the best mom I can be while still being a great wife, determined runner, wishful traveler and most importantly just ME. I’ve been struggling with it a lot. The first week after having Riley was easy (recovery from delivering a baby aside). Yes, she was up a lot at night, but during the day I just wanted to hold her and cuddle her. Dave was home, then my mom visited, followed by his parents, so there was always someone here to help me. The second week, Dave only worked three days, then we drove back to Berks County for 9 days of Christmas vacation. There was so much help then and being a mom so far seemed natural to me. But once we got back and Riley became more active and I was on my own with her more, I began struggling with the balance of being a mom.


Everyone tells you to take it all in. Every snuggle, every sneeze, every cry because this stage goes by SO FAST. They tell you to leave the dishes in the sink and the clothes in the hamper because they will always be there to be done, but your baby won’t always be so little and want to snuggle.

And they’re right.

But what they won’t tell you is that you’ll WANT to do that nagging pile of laundry. Or put your daughter down to eat lunch or shower or watch an episode of your favorite show while you hold her. But since no one mentions this, I felt like I couldn’t do any of these things without missing out on her baby-hood and being a bad mother.

But the truth is, it’s okay to put your baby down when she’s sleeping…or even awake, although I still have trouble doing that. Don’t feel bad for throwing a load of laundry in the washer, or browsing Instagram while she nurses for the umpteenth time that day. Put her in her rocking sleeper while she’s napping so you can nap, too. All of this is OKAY.

This is the balance I am striving to achieve this month. The balance between being the best mom I can be to my baby girl while still being an adult and a functioning human being. I don’t want these days to pass me by, and I know that while Riley will only be tiny for a short time and won’t always need (or want) mommie snuggles, I need my “me” time too…even if it is only for an hour while she’s asleep. Because if I don’t get that, I will burn out. I won’t enjoy her tiny hands grabbing my shirt while she nurses or her little toes curling around my lip when I kiss her feet.

So this month I am learning to Balance and I encourage you to, as well. Even if you aren’t a new mom, there is always something that gets put by the wayside: work, home, relationships, cleaning, exercise. Take the time to acknowledge what you need to work on to find a balance that makes you happiest and healthiest.

Well that got heavier and deeper than I intended!

Did you make any new year’s resolutions? What are they? I’m curious!! Smile


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